Friday, December 27, 2013

Book Review #22: Carrier Of The Mark

Their love was meant to be.

When Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland, everything in her life seems to fall into place. After growing up in America, she's surprised to find herself feeling at home in her new school. She connects with a group of friends, and she is instantly drawn to darkly handsome Adam DeRÍs.

But Megan is about to discover that her feelings for Adam are tied to a fate that was sealed long ago—and that the passion and power that brought them together could be their ultimate destruction

* The Break Down:
To be honest, it wasn't the synopsis or reviews that brought me to this book BUT the cover itself. It mesmerized me completely. So naturally I picked it up and this is what I thought:


It's not that this book was terrible, but there were noticeable flaws that I couldn't get passed. For one the love in this book moved lightening fast. Really, this was a great example of some serious insta-love. I mean, she-sees-the-boy-across-the-parking-lot-they-kiss-the-next-week kind. It all just felt very rushed. Even after they had gotten together, there was never that lingering sense of romance that should have been there. There have been books that had insta-love but still managed to seem believable and intriguing, But it did not work here, In a blink of an eye or couple pages their entire relationship of developed. 

And since the romance is such a huge part of the book, It was hard getting past it.

The plot on the other hand had a pretty awesome sauce paranormal aspect. I really liked the concept of the elements and the Carriers of the Mark. It was a completely different type of paranormal. And there were a few scenes in which characters went crazy with the magic that I really found well, magical. But not everything was explained so I found myself lost quite a bit.  There's a lot of talk about genetics in this book and how the ability to command the elements is a recessive gene that has to be passed between certain sexual partners to pass on to their offspring, it was uber convoluted!

On to the characters: Usually I'm a huge fan of romance in my books but like I said before neither Adam or Meagan were connectable to me .They meet. He stalks. She swoons. She loves him. He loves her. Desperately. Passionately. Completely… after knowing each other for what? about two weeks? … WHAT! Also I really didn't see much depth to their characters beside the obvious story we were given. The character I found the most interesting was Rian, just because he was so troubled. I thought maybe he had more depth than the others. Adam felt cookie cutter-ish, and Megan was generic. Adam to me was strangely needy, even more so than Megan, which was very strange considering the immense power each held in saving the world. 

Overall, The Carrier of the Mark was a bit too cliche and abrupt for my tastes.  It all seemed very familiar. Don't get me wrong, Fallon had an amazing idea for the the plot but the execution was a bit off to say the least. That's just my spiel, if what I said didn't faze your belief in this book pick it up and tell me your thoughts in the comment bar below!! After all I am just a girl with an opinion on the internet.

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