Knowing Your Reviewer

Straight From The Reader Mouth. 
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Knowing Your Reviewer

Why hello there internet wanderer, I'm Shirin Hussain,
I blog occasionally, smile often, and read always.
For everyone who has stumbled onto my blog, welcome!
I love to read, obviously. One might say it’s an addiction. Books are my safe haven, the place where I go to unwind and escape. I started this blog because I wanted to help you few lucky people find books. But not just books. 
THE BOOK. For all of you out there who don't know what I’m talking about;  just wait because it’s out there. It's that one novel that you can't stop reading, with the bent pages and cracked spine that really emphasizes the term, "book worm". Hopefully I can help you find it or maybe something close.

When people say they hate to read, I don't believe them. Maybe they hate what they have read in the past and have simply given up. I have no clue, but if you’re one of these people, I say BRING IT ON! Email me! Let me help you see the light.  The world is filled with millions of books and characters just waiting for you to swoon over, welcome aboard for the ride!


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