Sunday, April 20, 2014

Book Review 24: The Maze Runner

Imagine waking up one day in total darkness, unsure of where you are and unable to remember anything about yourself except your first name. You're in a bizarre place devoid of adults called the Glade. The Glade is an enclosed structure with a jail, a graveyard, a slaughterhouse, living quarters, and gardens. And no way out. Outside the Glade is the Maze, and every day some of the kids -- the Runners -- venture into the labyrinth, trying to map the ever-changing pattern of walls in an attempt to find an exit from this hellish place. So far, no one has figured it out. And not all of the Runners return from their daily exertions, victims of the maniacal Grievers, part animal, part mechanical killing machines.

Thomas is the newest arrival to the Glade in this Truman-meets-Lord of the Flies tale. A motley crew of half a dozen kids is all he has to guide him in this strange world. As soon as he arrives, unusual things begin to happen, and the others grow suspicious of him. Though the Maze seems somehow familiar to Thomas, he's unable to make sense of the place, despite his extraordinary abilities as a Runner. What is this place, and does Thomas hold the key to finding a way out?

In The Maze Runner, Dashner has crafted a creative and engaging novel that's both mysterious and thought provoking.

As it would seem it would appear that I might be the last book blogger to read this book, but as the film's out next year, I decided to jump on the bandwagon! And damn am I kicking myself hard for not reading this book sooner. Lets be honest, the Maze Runner has always been that book, I passed my book shelve and labeled 'next time" then I saw Dylan O'Brian as Thomas and well… eye candy is really motivational.

The prime reason The Maze Runner wasn't an automatic read was because of its lack of romance. As an 18 year old, a book without a hint of romance is a boring book EXCEPT for this book.This was a great, no scratch that; AMAZING, intense read, that really jolts your brain into thinking. The only way this book isn't for you is if your looking for a superficial read that dulls your mind into submission. James Dashner literally drops the reader in the middle of the action as Thomas wakes up in a strange place called the Glade, unable to remember anything except his own name. He and the other adolescents there seem to be part of some kind of a grand experiment, trapped in the middle of a maze populated by horrific monsters, with one hope of finding an exit.

I'm not sure what I can say about this without spoiling anything because for you to get the full experience of this book you can't have any clues going in! All through this book I had no theories, no idea what was going on and when each layer was peeled back or something was revealed I was shocked and amazed! It is the most interesting onion you will ever peel. What I will say is this: I loved the idea of these boys living in a community, surviving on their own, but basically trying to find their way out of a maze.

James Dashner created a world very different from others in its genre.I highly enjoyed every character in the book, even the ones I wanted to strangle because they all had a purpose the ultimately led to an amazing cliffhanger. With there unique lingo that you'd normally think would annoy you, only added to the flavor to each and every character! I loved the brotherhood that was formed. This book was filled with angst, sacrifice, friendship and bravery. I will say that THERE IS NO ROMANCE, although the read can see a relationship developing between Thomas and Teresa; trust me though YOU DO NOT MISS IT ONE BIT.

The one thing that did however make this book a 4 ½ and not a 5 star read was  the Grievers -  I wish they had appeared more  scary or dangerous creatures in the book.

Needless to say, this is a gripping read. The action is frantic and the mystery of Thomas and the others' situation is suspenseful.  Definitely recommended to those who like me who wait 5 years for a kick as trip! As usual...

and for you viewing pleasure and some motivation for those who haven't read it yet… 


  1. That sounds like a really interesting book!

  2. Okay. I NEED to read this book definitely before I see the movie. I love me some Dylan O'Brien! I actually have the first and second book but I haven't gotten to them yet. Shame on me!

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