Reviewing Policy

Here's my policy for Straight From The Reader's Mouth Blog!

Most of the books I review are copies that I have bought myself.  I will happily accept requests from publishers and authors to read and review.  I mostly read  YA, adult contemporary and paranormal, but I am open to pretty much anything.   

I will try to do my best to review books in a timely manner.  I post all my reviews here on Straight From The Reader's Mouth.

My reviews reflect my honest opinion. I will read any book y'all suggest however there is no much negativity already on the internet already, why add to it?  I refuse and will not bash books that do not come to my satisfaction, every book has pros and cons and that is what I will focus on. I greatly appreciate how much hard work goes into every single book and I love to review them.

Here at Straight From The Reader’s Mouth, we want to hear from you!
Please comment or email if should you have any questions or want to suggest a book.

Happy Reading!

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