Friday, July 19, 2013

Crack Pot Theory #1 Shatter Me Series

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Crack Pot Theory #1

Shatter Me Series by Tahareh Mafi

What is a crack pot theory you might ask? 
This is the part of my Blog where my hands take over and my brain expresses every single thought and theory I regarded that could "Hypothetically" be an answer to the 10s of hundreds of questions from books that are going to be released or have already come out. 

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, you have been warned!

Here's my theory's:
After reading Shatter Me, Destroy Me, and finally Unravel Me; I started seeing a patten between Warner and Juliette's dialogue that corresponds to the titles of each book, that might possibly be a hint to the love triangle between Juliette,Warner and Adam.

“That this girl would know exactly how to 
shatter me. - Destroy Me (Warner)

“This girl is destroying me.” - Destroy Me (Warner)

“I want to unravel him.” - Unravel Me (Juliette)


I have also noticed with every book it becomes more and more evident that Warner and Juliette are similar, right down to their thought process, the way they both think, assess situations and deal with their lives. 

"I can't help my need to just stare; to know her and her features: the slope of her nose, the curve of her lips, the line of the jaw."  -Warner

"I want to study the secrets tucked between his elbows and the whispers caught behind his knees."  -Juliette

I know I have been oscillate between team Adam and team Warner since Destroy Me, So I'm not sure how this makes me feel BUT I mean if this isn’t an indication of Juliette and Warner are ending up together in the end, I don't know what is. 
...But thats just my spiel, I might be totally off base or straight on the mark. 


 But then again?

... enough said


  1. YES!!!!!!! I didn't know she tweeted that or that she said that during an interview!!! This makes me so happy right now!!! AH!!!

  2. And when did she tweet those tweets? lol I want to see them on her twitter!! :D

    1. I've actually had this post in hiding for a while now, so the specific twitter post is probably are the bottom of the ocean by now! sorry (:

    2. lol, I found it!!! Took me awhile, but thanks! :)