Thursday, July 4, 2013

Things I Really Don't Understand!

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Random Thought: Things I Really Don't Understand

I pretty sure we have all seen them, those atrocious book covers in Barnes and Nobles that make cringe and question "what the hell is that" My question is why... why do authors write beautifully crafted works of art, then put covers that ...

  1. Have nothing to do with the book itself. Have you ever seen that book with a girl posing dramatically with roses and the book turns out to be about a vampire... in what world does that make sense?
  2. Take away from the writing with ghastly things that scare readers away. Seriously, when a book starts looking like a six grade art project, theres a problem.
  3. Have real people, don't get me wrong sometimes it works but not always. It's basically like telling me I'm not allowed to imagine up the characters as I choose to, it messes with my mind.
  4. Have shirtless guys. Honesty you can't read it out in public, people either think your reading a cheesy romance novel or you are desperate.
  5. Undermine the book. You spends months, maybe even years writing a best seller then decide at the end to slap on the first thing you see... do some justice to you book.

Im also really tired of seeing girls in long prom dresses posing dramatically. This works for some series because it actually makes sense.

Perfect sense!

But for the rest of you five billion out there, what connection does a girl in a long dress really have to do with the plot of your novel. I mean sure your main characters a girl... but is that really it?

Simplicity just might be better. There's something about a cover with just the name on it that really captures my attention. It gives an heir of mystery and chicness.

Symbolism, I honestly love reading though a book then getting that sudden understanding on why the book looks the way it does or why it's named; but if your going to use symbols on your cover, please check with another human being to make sure it comes across as symbolism and not stupidity.

Covers I Loved!


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