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Book Review #2 Shattered

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Book Review #2
Shattered By Elizabeth Lee

Alyssa Boyd had big plans. Big plans that included getting the hell out of the little town she’d grown up in with her two best friends. When she decided it was time to let one of them know her true feelings for him; a change of plans resulted in a tragic turn of events. Now, Alyssa is left alone to find her way out of the darkness that an untimely death has left in its wake.

Jesse Vaughn was never good at letting people in. He’d learned a long time ago that it’s easier that way because people leave, or, unfortunately, die. The one person he wanted to let in doesn’t want him anymore. The only problem is he can’t stop thinking about her. Jesse returns to the childhood home he left behind with one goal in mind… to convince her that they should be together. 

When Jesse finds Alyssa she’s not the same girl he left behind. She’s wild, reckless and hell-bent on not giving Jesse a second chance. Lucky for Jesse, his stubborn streak has always been a mile-wide and he’s not about to give up on her.  When your life has been shattered can you really pick up all the pieces and move on?

* The Break Down:

If you’re a reader looking for an epic romance and a tear-choking book, well hells bells, you've found it. If you’re looking for a action packed, I-can-not-get-my-eyes-unglued-from-this-book type of thing, keeping looking this book isn't going to do it for you.

As much as I loved this book, it wasn't the plot I fell for; it was more of the idea of what it symbolized. Elizabeth Lee had an amazing story to tell but I only able to catch glimpses of it. 

Shattered was a thoughtfully written YA love story. told in the perspectives of Alyssa and Jesse; that reminded me of my love for reading, before paranormal and dystopian romances swept me away.  It was refreshing to read about real love, heartbreak and grief with the complications and lack of perfection that reality contains.

What I really loved and something we don't see often anymore in books in general; is truth and meaning behind the words in books. Now-a-days books are just filled with words, used to entertain the reader for short spans of time, easily forgettable. Shattered was a story about the cruel reality of life, the misunderstandings between people and finding the will to live even when you feel completely broken.  

Although this book had sadness and re-growth enveloped around it, there was an heir of sexiness incorporated in it, with the male main character Jesse, which had the best of us swooning. Man, if I was a girl who just lost it all, I'd want a "Jesse" there to pick of all the pieces and make it better. 

I’m going to go off on a tangent again, but overall this book was beautifully heartbreaking and thoughtfully crafted. Elizabeth Lee had an amazing story to tell, but I was only able to catch glimpses of it. If your a reader looking for an epic romance and a tear-choking book, congrats and enjoy the emotional roller-coaster!

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